My new office for the next 2 weeks, my bedroom. Yesterday I was informed that I have been exposed to someone who has tested postitive for covid 19. I got tested yesterday and luckily it was negative but the docotor said that I still have to quarantine for 2 weeks just to be safe. I packed up what I needed to be able to do as much work as I can from home. I made the decision to close down my shop for 2 weeks because I was worried that orders would pile up with no one being at the studio. I will be reopening my shop on Nov 27th for a HUGE 4 day black friday sale! Closing my shop for 2 weeks during the beginning of the Holiday season was really hard for me. What is even harder is not being able to go to my studio. I practically live there and my business is my life. That is my happy place, that is the place i feel the most motivated. It may take me a few days to get in the groove of waking up and not leaving the house. Funny thing is, I started my business in this same tiny bedroom 6 years ago and it’s bringing back all the memories. I’m happy to be healthy enough to still work. I don’t know what the next 2 weeks will bring me but I’m already counting down the days when I can get back to the studio!