Hey there! :) 

Just wanted to stop by and explain why I am not going to be accepting any new custom orders until January 1st! Due to COVID getting worse here in PA, I have decided to downsize my staff for the rest of the year to be extra safe. I am going from a team of 6 down to a team of 3, including myself. I personally do not fill any orders, I have my staff who fills them while I work on designing new prodcuts and working on custom orders. Since I reopen my shop on Nov. 27th for my Black Friday Sale, we will be getting in more orders than usual, which is amazing thank you so much for that! That means we will need as many people as we can to fill orders meaning my 2 staff members and myself. Therefore I need to focus on filling oders before adding anymore work to my plate for this busy holiday month! I do apologize to aynone who has been planning on ordering a custom order from my in Decemer, please reach out in January! :) 

Thank you so much for understanding! 

Brita Lynn Thompson 

Zenspire Designs