Frist off, the name is Brita Lynn Thompson

Yes, Brita like the water filter and BLT like the sanwhich :) 

I owe most of my success and the launching of my Etsy shop to Starbucks. Why you ask? In June 2014, I was chosen out of 4,000 plus entries as the winner for Starbucks "White Cup Contest." My design was reproduced onto their reusable cups and sold online and in every store in the US and Canada during the summer of 2015. Winning this contest really launched my dream to have a business. The day before they announced me as the winner I created my Etsy shop. After winning, I got a lot of publicity and recognition, specially on my Instagram. Before winning I had maybe 600 followers, just a year and some later I now have 50,000 followers and growing. A lot of those followers are my customers here on Etsy. Which is why I have 100,000's shop views. I now have the opportunity to connect and ship to all over the world. Just a few years ago, I never thought I would have a business, or even be this successful. It all happened so fast and it has been nonstop ever since. I still remember the email I got from the Starbucks team right before they announced to the world that I was the winner. The email said, "Be tough, be ready, because your life is about to change." It did, and I couldn't be happier.

Much Love, 

Brita Lynn